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First Unitarian Church of Lubbock Forum Archives

April '04

April 4: Nature vs Nurture: A discussion.

March '04

March 28:  Julia Penelope:  "Hidden from History: Lesbian separatists in the modern gay movement."

Mar 14, 21:  No forum, meet with Adult RE.

Mar 7:  Richard Wilde, "Concepts of the Soul," part II from his Book, The Immortal Self.

February '04

Feb 29:  Richard Wilde, "Concepts of the Soul," from his Book, The Immortal Self.

Feb 22:  Donald Daniel:  "The Nature of Waltz balls in Vienna." (includes video).

February 15:  Anne Solomon:  A look at the Meyers-Briggs personality types part II.   (Please take the personality inventory test at prior to attending.)

February 8: Anne Solomon:  A look at the Meyers-Briggs personality types.   (Please take the personality inventory test at prior to attending.)

February 1:  Dennis Fehr:  "Let's get real, kids, art and teaching."

January '04

January 25, Harvey Madison, "What Unitarians Believe."

January 18:  TBA

January 11:  Steve Maddox:  "Enneagrams part II:  Personality profiling for business and religion"

January 4:  Pancakes and promises; no forum

December '03

December 28:  No forum

December 21:  Christmas play; no forum

December 14, No forum

December 7, Movie:  "Uncovered:  The whole truth about the Iraq war" (movie provided by Move on)

November '03

November 30, Thanksgiving – Meet with Adult RE

November 23, Peter Westfall – The stats behind the stats - what do our surveys really tell us?

November 16, Eric Colvard - Charles Bradlaugh – “Atheist Crusader for Social Justice”

November 9, Dennis Fehr"  "Art under Nazism."

November 2,  Harvey Madison: "The problems with the bible:   Part II"

October '03

October, 5. 2003 Gary Bell - Part III

September '03

September 28. 2003 Ron Wilhelm, Director of Astronomy at Texas Tech– “The philosophy of the Universe”

September 21, 2003 Ted Reid – “God, Creationism and Texas Textbooks”

September 14, 2003. Gary Bell – Part II

September 7, 2003.  Dr. Gary Bell, Dean of the Honors College, Texas Tech University,  “Nazi Germany and current thinking”


May-August '03 - Break for summer - meet with adult RE

April  '03

April 27, 2003 Susan Tomlinson, Texas Tech "Homesteading Suburbia in the 21st Century"

April 20, 2003 RE brunch

April 13, 2003 Open Forum on Homeland security - Bill Moyer

April 6, 2003 Harvey Madison - 'Travels in Turkey"

March  '03

March 30, 2003 Meet with Adult RE Mark Stoll will talk

March 23, 2003 Spring Break - Meet with Adult RE ("The history of God")

March 16, 2003 Spring Break - Meet with Adult RE ("The history of God")

March 9, Ted Reid, "Thoughts on Science and Religion."

March 2, Harvey Madison, "Theology and Astronomy."

February  '03

Feb 23, Joe Love Nelson, Planned Parenthood, "The struggles of PP in Lubbock."

Feb 16, Tammy Stansel, Planned Parenthood, "Educational material offered by PP."

Feb 9, Gary Bell, Dean of TTU Honors College, "Puritanism."

December '02

December 15, Ronald Rainge, Dept. of History, TTU:  "Religion and Science."

December 8, 2002.  Robert Ricketts, TTU College of Business, "Ethics in Business."

December 1, Please join us for coffee and conversation.

November '02

November 24, Jose Morales, "Egypt and the Middle East."

November 17, Cecilia Carter, manager of University Art Collection, "Art at Texas Tech."

November 10, Clay Naff. "The End of The World.".

November 3, League of Women Voters, "The Elections."

October '02

October 27, John Morrow, TTUHSC dept of Cell Biology and Biochemistry, "Social/Political problems in Biotechnology."

October 20, Harvey Madison.  "What Unitarians Believe."

October 13, Gary Bell, Dean of Tech Honors College, "Iraq - What we should know."

October 6, Max Courtney, "The history of West Texas."

September '02

September 29, Ted Reid, "The Age of the Earth."

September 22, Duane Christian and others, WTOS update.

September 15,  Mallory Boylan, "The fat vs Sugar controversy."

June-August '02

Adjourn formal forums - Please join us for coffee and conversation.

June '02

June 2, "Media Literacy"

May '02

May 26, TBA

May 19, "Pascal's Wager," Clay Naff

May 12, "Environmental Ethics and their Religious Roots," Mark Stoll

May 5  - "Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders,"  Liz Davidson

April '02

April 28 - "Public Art in Lubbock,"  Cecilia Carter

April 21 - "Overview of Adult Mental Illness,"  Liz Davidson

March '02

March 24 - "Drugs and Alcohol:  Getting a Grip,"  Dr. Lynn Bickley

March 17 - "What Unitarians Believe,"  Harvey Madison

March 10 - Coffee and Conversation.

March 3 - "West Texas Organizing Strategy,"  Duane Christian

February '02

February 24 - "Islam,"  Dr. Zuhair Shebab

February 17 - Dr. Ted Reid, "Is Fat Really Bad for You?"

February 10 - Dr. Gary Elbow of Texas Tech, "Disappearing Ecosystems II"

February 3 - Dr. Gary Elbow of Texas Tech, "Disappearing Ecosystems I"

January '02

January 27 - Dr. Susan Tomlinson of Texas Tech Honors College, "Wind and the Geology of West Texas"

Early January - Some coffee, something about marijuana and tobacco and alcohol

December, 01

December 30, "Coffee and Conversation"

December 23, "Coffee and Conversation"

December 16, Duane Christian, "West Texas Organizing Strategy (WTOS) update"

December 9, Harvey Madison, "What do Unitarians Believe?"

December 2, Jeff Rippel, director, Mahon library,  "Censorship."

November, 01

November 25, "Coffee and Conversation"

November 18, G. Peterson, "Life in a Bangladesh Village"

November 11, Harvey Madison, "Why Belief in God is so Persistent"

November 4, Donald Daniel, "The Political Aspects of Religion"

October, 01

October 28, Dan Barker, "Live Musical Performance for a 'Non-Prayer' Breakfast

October 21, LaQuetta Purkiss, "Pre-Christian Halloween Traditions"

October 14, Ted Reid, "Seven Daughters of Eve: The Story of Who We Are"

October 7, Clayton Naff, "A Religion for the Future"

September, 01

September 30, Gerald Skoog, Chairman, Dept. of Science Education, "Science Education in Texas"

September 23, John Morrow, Dept. of Cell Biology and Biochem., Texas Tech, "Stem Cells and Cloning Revisited"

September 16, Gary Bell, Dean of Texas Tech Honors College, Was "Hitler and Nazism", changed to  "The Taliban."

September 9, Richard Peterson, Chairman, Dept. of Geosciences, Texas Tech U.:   "Global Warming"

June - August, '01:  Coffee and Conversation

May, 01

May 27, Harvey Madison leads a discussion, "What Do Unitarians Believe?"

May 20, David Boelsche, the power of myth - a review of Joseph Campbell

May 13, Glenn Browne, Shackleton video and discussion

May 6, No Forum - Secret Friends brunch

April, 01

April 29, Eric Colvard, "Mental Health Care in Texas Prisons"

April 22, Ted Reid, "The Human Genome"

April 15, Harvey Madison, "Urban Legends"

April 8:  Alan Michels, "Results of the Cottage Meetings"

April 1:  Rod Muller on "The Tipping Point - How Little Things Make a Big Difference."


March, 01

March 25:  Yolanda Cook on the Kraft, Walmart and the Tobacco Industry

March 18:  Harvey Madison: "Current issues"

March 11: Coffee and conversation.

March 4:  Marilyn Westfall and Chris Susalski:  "Building Safe Congregations", continuing discussion.

February, 01

February 25:  Marilyn Westfall and Chris Susalski:  "Building Safe Congregations", a discussion of a document published by the UUA.

February 18:  The Imam of the South Plains discusses Islam.

February 11: Bill Westney on "The Dilemma of Destructive Cults"

February 4: Harvey Madison on "The Dilemma of Destructive Cults"

January, 01

January 28: Mohammed, the Imam of the Islamic center of the South Plains, recently arrived from Mauritania, will present on Islam.

January 21: Tony Tackitt of Empty Sky/Contemplative Path group in Amarillo will talk on Buddhism.

January 14: Harvey Madison - On the shoulders of giants - A sketch of the rolling back of the veil of mystery through science and scientists.

January 7:  No forum.

December, 00

December 31, Coffee and Conversation

December 25, Coffee and Conversation

December 17, Richard Hobson, Water rights.

December 10, Cliff Ashby, professor of theater, will discuss how to create the Deus ex machina (the God Machine)

December 3, Ted Reid will discuss a topic that has come up in many previous forums; that of the ethics and methods of medical research.

November, 00

November 26, Coffee and conversation.

November 19, Harvey Madison on the electoral college

November 12, The South Plains College music department discusses their program and history.

November 5,  Max Courteny will speak about the Lubbock Lake Landmark site its its significance in the unraveling story of human habitation of the Americas.

October, 00

October 29, Dr. Gary Bell, Dean of the Texas Tech Honors College and Professor of History will discuss the role of forest fires.

October 22, Dr. Timothy and Debora Gorski all the way from the Irving North Texas Church of Freethought will discuss the growing Freethought movement and the issues involved in starting a church for unbelievers.

October 15, Paul Thompson of LP&L will talk about the local competing utilities.

October 8, Kathy Northcut, representing the green party, will talk about green party issues.

October 1, Rod Muller gives a unique perspective on Africa, from a "native" African's perspective.

September, 00

September 24, Todd Klein, Lubbock county Democratic chair will talk about democratic candidates and issues.


... Some time passed ... webmaster was in Europe (I know, excuses, excuses)   ...

May, 00

May 21 - "The Meaning of Secular Humanism."  Harvey Madison.

May 14 - "Recycling"

April, 00

APRIL 9 -  "The Scientific Measurement of Psi," Peter Westfall, Professor of Statistics, Texas Tech University. Some findings in Psi research are difficult to explain.  Problems related to data snooping, file drawer effects, and experimental bias, all in the context of a live ESP experiment, are discussed.

March, 00

MAR 5 - Anne Epstein: "Judaism"  (Anne, a friend of many in this church, is a member of the local Jewish community, and is a bit of a scholar on Judaism.)

MAR 12 - Coffee and Conversation (spring break).  See here.